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Lush X TomboyX Collab

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So, when TomBoyX reached out to me to Collab, I had the general sentiment that I usually have when companies do: free stuff and an opportunity to create content. A win win for everybody. At this stage in my career I’ll pretty much Collab with most brands that aren’t fraudulent or misleading companies. So when the TomBoyX offer came in, I saw that they had cute items and they actually had my size, so I was here for it.

When I received my package this Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised, The set I received not only fit true to size, the quality of the fabric, elastic, and print were ultra premium. For a big girl, this means, no shoulder marks from fabric digging into my shoulders; no dark marks on my thighs from chaffing, and no dog print that stretches out into buffalos.

As an influencer, it’s typical to receive many pitches for Collab’s for companies that we may not know. That makes it much more special when we do come across a brand we trust and that we can grow with!

I am so excited to see TomboyX’s upcoming collections and add this comfort brand to my list of preferred companies! Check them out for yourself using the link below!

Shop TomboyX Here

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