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Hey y’all

I want to thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my site! Most you probably know me as Lush from IG, but you may not know that I am a blogger and entrepreneur here in South Carolina. My main goal is to help women grow abundantly confident through affordable fashion and beauty. Soon after starting my boutique, I started writing blogs so that I could spread the tips that I routinely shared with my customers with women all around the over the world! While you're here on, be sure to pick up some lashes, shop my plus boutique - but most importantly enjoy discovering more about your own personal journey through witnessing my own.

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$14 Terra Sky Casual Tie Waist Dress

$14 Terra Sky Casual Tie Waist Dress

Hey mamas, This outfit is another baddie on a budget find from walmart!

Walmart Sleepwear Haul 2020

Walmart Sleepwear Haul 2020

Hey loves!

If you're like me and you like to be classy, bougie, savage (but mostly moody lol) while your quarantining, check out these comfy yet cute sleepwear looks I picked up from Wally World!

Vanity Rose Co. - Small Boutique Spotlight

Vanity Rose Co. - Small Boutique Spotlight

Hope you all enjoy this quick styling haul I did with Vanity Rose Co ! You guys know I love showing you how you can stretch a few pieces into a whole 'lotta looks! You guys also know the links to the items are down below! ( the cheetah shirt sold out so I linked you to one of their new animal print styles)

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