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Business 101: How I ship from home using Pirateship

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Hey you guys! So just a few things I want you to remember:

1. You NEED to have an idea of shipping costs before you start pricing product so that you can price things appropriately.

2. This info only applies to USPS, I do not ship with other companies.

3. Shipping in an envelope or bag will always be cheaper than a box. If you have a small box, ship it inside of a poly bag.

4. The smaller the packaging the cheaper the cost, so try to use the smallest envelope possible.

5. Flat Rate Boxes are best for heavy items!


The site I use to purchase Postage:

Postal Scale:

Shipping Labels Name Brand:

Shipping Labels (discount version)

The printer that I use:

Ink for the printer:

Free USPS Boxes and Envelopes:

thank You card envelopes:

Gold Thank You Stickers:

Pink Star Poly Mailers 10X13:

Plain Pink Poly Mailers 12 X 15.5:

Pink Bubble Mailers:

Pink Metallic Bubble Mailers:

Bulk Tissue Paper:

Bulk Tissue Paper (large for wrapping clothes):

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