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Saturday Night Casual Neutrals!

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This Saturday night I had the pleasure of going to a small gathering for my best friend who just graduated with her masters and received her first job as a therapist (YAY! free shrinking lol). I did Karaoke for the first time and it was absolutely hilarious. For one, ya girl can't sang - not a lick; and neither can my boyfriend or my best friend, so we all had a ball! Now ya'll know anytime I step out I like to be full glam, but of course, since this was an "in the house" type affair I still wanted to be cozy, which is why I opted for this super(no seriously) SUPER soft 2 piece neutral snake print set from fashion nova. I paired it with some short boots from cato that I've had forever (heres the link to some that are similar).  
and to top it off, my camel soft brushed coat from old navy (which is on sale today only 12/6 for 37.50).

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