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Beginner Baddie Brow Kit

Beginner Baddie Brow Kit

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Hey Doll! 

If your a brow beginner and you want to learn the “lush” brow method or instagram brow method then this kit is perfect to get you started. In your kit you will receive 

- Brow Pencil

- Brow Razor 

- Brow Brushes (spoolies)

- 2 Custom Matched concealers (a lighter and darker shade for your skin tone) 

- Concealer Brush

- Brow Scissors 

- Tweezers

- Mini Mirror


These are the exact items I use to do my own brows so I’m so excited to share them all with you!

**When you order please be prepared to share with me an unedited photo of your face with no makeup 


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